Of junk and fake grace (17)

There is the grace for righteousness which is at the core of the sacrifice of Jesus. He will save his people from their sin- we are saved by grace. Therefore, Jesus is grace and salvation is by grace. Salvation is provided by grace, provided by Jesus. Therefore Jesus is salvation. If we ignore sin we do salvation a great injustice. But because you fell into sin does not mean you are disqualified from grace. It makes you more qualified to receive grace because you are more aware of your inadequacy. And grace loves man’s inadequacy so that he can shine in it. That is why some erroneously ask tacitly: shall we continue in sin so that grace will continue to shine. But the problem with that logic is that in the name of lifting up grace, they deny grace. They forget that the basis of life free from sin is grace, that grace reconfigures you, reconstruct your desire.

Jesus said I have come so that the blind will see. Oh, how grace loves inadequacy. The one who says they see, are adequate, Jesus says their sins remain, their blindness remains. So blindness is symbolic of sin. Grace makes to see so we stop falling into the pit of sin.


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