Answer bible quiz and get N5000 or $15 (for those not resident in Nigeria) from me

Question: why is it that in Jerusalem at a time in the book of Acts, Christians sold their lands and brought the proceeds to the “Apostles’ feet” and that has not repeated itself even in the ministry of great apostle Paul.

1. Try and answer even if you will dash someone the money eventually
2. I will use my personal discretion (purely my viewpoint) to pick the best answer, though I will give my reasons.
3. Write the answer as comment and it must not be more than 300 words.
4. To delineate the answers from general comments, please write the word “answer” before you start.
5. The deadline is the last minute of this month (GMT+1). I will pick my winner latest May 3rd
6. You can change you answers as many times as you want. But write update 1,2,3 as the case may be at the bottom.
7. Sorry, if no answer satisfies me there won’t be a winner. Thanks.

(This is also running on my Facebook profile page, so the winner can come from there or here)


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