Of junk and fake grace (18)

What does grace have to do with getting a life partner? First, if you worry about it, you are out of grace. Worry tells us you are looking at something else, maybe yourself order than Christ.

But you ask, what does Christ know about relationships, has he ever been in one? But you have heard of the bride of Christ haven’t you. The same grace he uses to connect with the church, he will give you to connect wit your spouse, even if they are in a hole on the earth.

What about raising children. Jesus called his disciples children after his resurrection. He will give you grace to raise yours. Was Jesus ever a civil servant. He was the servant of God and he’ll give you grace, his grace , to do things well. What about evangelism? He told Peter : follow and I will make you a fisher of men, meaning: I will impact my fisher of me grace on you and you won’t struggle with evangelism, you won’t do it by compulsion. I will give you my heart and method. If your struggle, there is grace missing somewhere.


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