Of junk and fake grace (19)

I was in a meeting and someone made a contribution that truely Jesus died for our sins, but we did not die with Christ. That sounded very logical right? But totally unbiblical. And it is either we believe the bible or we are unbelievers, as Apostle Francis Akinola said, regardless of how much tongue we speak. Let me tell you the implication if truly Jesus died for us (which is true) and we did not die in Christ (which is untrue).
Jesus died for us and that releases the grace for justification meaning we become right with God. He bore our punishment and we are free from bearing it. But if we did not die with him, it means we cannot rise up with him and if we cannot rise up with him, it means we cannot have new bodies at the resurrection. Do you now see that its either we died with him or were not saved at all.
the book of Romans 6 says that we died with him and rise up with him (don’t ask me how that happen, you just have to believe that it happens because the bible says so) because it is hard to live right if you don’t believe right.

If you don’t believe you died with Christ you won’t believe you rose with him, if you don’t believe you rose with him then you are not a new creature, you are just a refurbished creature, if you are not a new creation you cannot walk in newness of life. if you did not die with him, you did not die to sin, yes you. If you did not die to sin, then you are still in sin and you will not bear the fruit of righteousness; otherwise, you will.

If we died with Christ, it means sin shall not have dominion over us because we are not under the law but under grace.Presenting that picture of grace empowers the people to live according to that truth.

Therefore to present grace just in the context of Jesus dying for us and not understand that also we died with Christ with the attendant consequences of that, then, we are preaching junk and fake grace. But the problem is they don’t deny that we died with Christ, they just stop short of telling us the implication of that, just focused on the implication of his dying for us, and by that same token they deny that truth, presenting an half baked grace that poisons you, causes you to poo when you eat it, gives you indigestion and lands you in spiritual coma. Therefore when you see a preacher of junk and fake grace, run, run, run.


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