‘How do I stop viewing pornography’

Q & A on my Facebook messenger. I am A.
Q: Please Sir, is there any relationship between lack of prayers and the power of sin/flesh? I notice that anytime I slack in the place of prayer, lusts of the flesh overwhelm me (particularly watching filthy images on the internet); I am not bothered about you or any Christian knowing about this because I need victory here. I don’t really care about anyone’s impression of me because it is God’s kingdom I seek. I have never physically been a fornicator ( not even as an unbeliever) but this hidden one is worse; and I’ve heard God tell me a few days ago “If you don’t put this to death, it will put you to death”

If you have to tell anyone whatsoever ( a Son of God) about this, please do. But I need your help on this

A: I believe you need to do two things, 1. remove righteousness from anything you do or don’t do. I tell you, you can fast for forty and fornicate immediately after. You can pray for ten hours and immediately go to the net to seek out pornography.
2. Use the tool of repentance, repentance is a legal experience. You confess and receive forgiveness but not just that but cleansing too. Cleansing removes the ability to do that sin you. Please read: 1John 1:7-2:2

Read also Proverbs 5-7. The reason is to experience grace via the word that speaks of sexual sin since the sexual act in the case of pornography takes place by proxy. Some read the Bible to increase guilt but it should be to contact grace to become what the mind of God wants us to become via that specific word.

For me, the only antidote to sin is the word, not prayer. The Psalmist said: your word have I hidden in my heart so I don’t sin against you. The word should be the spiritual software on which we run. It is not just information.

The issue of prayerlessness should be treated differently. Because it has an effect on everything else, not just sin. Jesus said watch and pray so we don’t fall into temptation. So watch. For example, when I am on Facebook and I see a pornographic picture, I don’t act as if I did not see it, I don’t try to ignore it. I make sure I either block that person or have it removed from my feed. I am not passive about, it’s not live and let’s live, I do something about it and Facebook gives some options. It seems little but it is Training in righteousness. I get angry when I inadvertently see pornography. But sometimes because I am a very curious person I may spend more than I millisecond there. But I refuse the devil put the guilt on me. I still do something about it (block the person or remove the item from my feed).

When you are watching film and sex scenes appear, fast forward it. That act, of not just staying there, will fill you with joy. If you are watching it with people, stand up from there, if you don’t want to disrespect them.

I also discover that with DStv, once you press a button to change the channel the list of channels covers the screen. Of course, don’t have any pornographic material around- delete, destroy. The bottom line is not to be passive but aggressive.

Romans 6 talks about not yielding your members as instruments of unrighteousness. There is nothing passive about that, assert yourself.

Q: Thank you very much
A: You are welcome


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