Did Jesus die for my past, present and future sins?

Did Jesus die for my past, present and future sins?
capital YES
But I still need to confess to receive forgiveness (1John 1:7-2:2)
If he did not die for all my sins, then every time I sin Jesus need to die again or God will have to pounce on me in judgment.
Confession is an act of faith to make what Jesus has done applied in my specific situation in the here and now. We neglect confession to our own peril. Forgiveness of sin though offered as a blank check still needed to be specifically cashed in the specific thing it is needed for. That works with the dynamics of our conscience, interaction with the Holy Spirit in the here and now. The sin is paid for, but it is forgiveness and cleansing is activated in the here and via confession. If we throw away confession, we shortchange ourselves. it is pomposity.

We were healed when Jesus was beaten, but the application is via our confession of it here and now.

in the Exodus story, the blood of the lamb needed to be APPLIED to the door post of the houses where the children of Israel lived for the blood to work for them. Hyssop is symbolic of the words of our mouth, that if we confess the Lord we are saved. We are not just saved just because the blood was shed, we are saved when we confess that fact. there is power in confession. When we confess our sins we recognise that that is enough, we are not paying for it, but we refuse to act as if nothing wrong has been done which is self-deceit.

Check the hyssop leave, it is shaped like the tongue.


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