Faith (3): Helpers of your faith 

Anthony Joshua and his helpers (via TheGuardian)

Jude wrote that we should contend earnestly for the faith that was once committed to the saints.
The contention is about the person of Christ (the Word embodied), warning that some people deny the Lord Jesus, either overtly or covertly.

It is the fight of faith and it is fought on many fronts. There is a position you have to defend and advance.

Faith is based on what God has said,  as the Bible says faith comes by hearing the word of God and the fight of faith is focused on the word of God in its various forms.

There are three areas

1. The Bible (the written word)

2. The person of Christ (the embodied Word)

3. The word spoken to you (the prophetic Word)

Paul had the prophetic word that he would bring the gospel to the gentiles. And there was a time he said he wanted to reach Rome, but Satan hindered him.

As I said before that the battle is for the word of God and this one is in the context of the word of God specific to Paul.

The fight is real and Paul acknowledged that the devil won that round. 

Jesus told all the churches he sent letters to through John in the book of Revelation, those who overcome will… So it’s a real fight. You may or may not overcome, so we need to approach things will all seriousness, seeking all the help we can get.

But as in boxing, there are many rounds, eventually Paul got to Rome and for two years spoke of the kingdom of God, with zero hindrance. Hence he could say: I have finished my course, I have fought the good fight. Only eternity can fully tell the blows the devil received based with Paul being in Rome. Paul got to the zenith.

The point in which the devil has won in most lives is not sexual sin,  but falling short of of the ultimate of God for their lives. They somehow settle for less.

And it is a greater challenge of faith to maintain a winning edge after a big victory. But it starts with not seeing any battle as an end.

Remember what happened to Jesus. After He was tempted in the wilderness, (he was conditioned for the fight through an experience with the Holy Spirit in Jordan and fasting),  the Bible says the devil left him for a season, not forever.

Tyson Fury (via Sky Sports)

There is the sad story of Tyson Fury who fought the same Wladimir and defeated him two years ago, but has lost his belts after that. He allowed himself to be distracted. Now he is struggling with his weight. He won a big battle but something went wrong with his conditioning and he dropped from a height.

It’s not just about winning but what happens afterwards. Anthony seems to have sidestepped that, already calling for the next match (and it’s called a match, not a mismatch, big game for the big?), so that his brain does not switch to a rest mode when it should be in a fight mode.



It’s too early to call it quits, having set for himself the goal of being the first billionaire boxer. That is a high goal. And for that he needs to be at the top of his game for many years. He is playing a positive mental game with himself, knowing the pitfall of those who went before him. 

Tyson Fury may bounce back, but his is a lesson for us that the next fight is more important than the last battle, no matter what the present fight looks like.

Paul had the right approach to the fight of faith,  saying: this one thing I do, forgetting what is behind and stretching towards what lies ahead, towards the upward call.

It’s not over yet. Always be in a fight mode. And a soldier of Christ ought to be so disposed. It is the fight of faith.

When it comes helpers of faith, Paul said he does not want to control the Corinthians but be helpers of their joy, as they stand in faith.

He was not interested in having controlling influence over them, rather a helping influence.

Anthony and Wladimir (via Mirror)

Continuing with the analogy of the boxing match using the recently fought and won bout between Anthony and Wladimir, we see that there are people in their corners who helped them between the rounds.

Such a man was Paul to the Corinthian church. They were to receive him as an helper and not a determiner. No one can fight for you  and remember that it is your fight for the call of God on your life.

But there are people in your corner, as Paul said that he was in the corner of the Corinthians helping them.

Some would want to have a controlling influence, they want to dictate things, but Paul classified himself differently.

The boxers’ coaches around the ring on April 29, at Wembley Stadium, England, were their chief helpers. Or what do you think?
The Holy Spirit, for us as Christians, is our chief helper. He is not going to fight for you. That is not a contradiction, it comes with the description. 

After Anthony was knocked down in the sixth round, the coach did not come in in his place. I believe if we get this point, that the Holy Spirit is not going to fight for us, neither will he fight with us, but just help us with the fight, we will be less passive, taking unnecessary blows, suffering unnecessary defeats.

But we have to listen to the coach both in the training sessions and in the ring. We are the fighters but we won’t get anywhere without listening to the coach, to our coach the Holy Spirit. That is so important.

Jesus was going to send the disciples to preach, fight the fight of faith, be His witnesses, fight for the cause of His truth and mandate as the one who has all authority in heaven and in earth, but He said they needed to wait to be endowed with the Holy Spirit power from above.

Jesus said he will send the Holy Spirit as the helper. He is not the doer,  he is the Helper.

Jude wrote that in the imminent danger of those who are attacking the faith by whatever means, we should build up ourselves on our most Holy Faith, praying in the Holy Spirit.

In prayer, our coach spiritually conditions us for the fight of faith. Though all of us are praying, my prayer does not lead to my being conditioned for your fight. It is for my fight. If you are to fight in the Media arena, your faith is built up for that, if in the business arena the same thing. It is not just a general build up; it is both general and specific. 

The helper helps us to pray, which is part of our conditioning process, it is called the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

He is in our corner and we should listen as he has a unique perspective to the proceedings.

We have sportsmen who have changed their coaches and that took them to the top of their games. If someone had coached a champion, he is an elite coach. The Holy Spirit was with Jesus when he did his own fight on earth, he helped Him win and he is now recommended for you.

But the Holy Spirit also works with certain people. There are people who mend (pastors), who feed (teachers), who echoes the coach (prophets), there are those who tell you to get on with it and not give up (evangelists), there are those who show you there is more to come (apostles).

The Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher are given for the coaching of the saints for the work of ministry, for fight of faith. We should be built up so that we are not tossed about by every wind of doctrine, built into Christ in everything. As I said in the last post,  “build up” is the language of preparation. 

What about those who pray for you to succeed? They are also in the camp of the helpers, also in your corner.

Paul asked many times for prayer, for people to pray for him. Because of the enormity of his fight he needed people to pray for him.

And what do you think will happen with the prize money won by Anthony Joshua after that fight?  Do you think that the “helpers” will get some?  Of course they will.

So when I help you to win, I win,  when I help you to succeed, I succeed. I share in the glory, in the reward. I get my own crown by helping you get your own crown. Everyone win as we supply our parts to the body of Christ.

Also for those who give to a cause, Paul said that it will increase the fruit of our righteousness, saying that the church in Philippi partnered with him in their giving.

What are partners for if not helpers?; and they will share in the reward, the glory, the crown. That is how Paul said the materially rich can lay up for themselves something imperishable in the age to come. They are helpers. 

But without an helper you still need to forge on. There is no excuse. Jesus told the Peter,  James and John: can’t you watch with me for an hour? They were supposed to help him, but they were taken over by sleep. But no helper was no excuse. He still had to forge ahead. 

You have to forge ahead, even if you have to go it alone. But don’t seek to be a loner by default, seek help as Jesus did, know you need help.

Jesus was in the fight of his life as he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. It was also the battle for the will of God.

The devil did not want to have Jesus on earth, but he also wanted him to not go through with the will of God, the word of God. He came to do the will of God.

But Jesus had to fight his own will and we see that the Holy Spirit helped him. You have a help in heaven (Holy Spirit help) even if you have none on earth. Your own zeal can sustain you.

God said in Isaiah 63:5, I looked and there was no helper, no one to sustain me, but my own zeal, it sustains me.

Don’t be so hard on those you expect to help you, it is a call to your own zeal to come forth. 


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