9: Walk of faith (4)

2Corinthians 5:7  for we walk by faith, not by sight.

part three here

If the only thing you did were things you “had” to do as told by others, and you have occupied your time for living for yourself, then you are not ready for the walk of faith.

That won’t lead you beyond the Jordan to deliver the double portion of the anointing.

The double-portion of the anointing is seen in that Elisha recorded twice the miracle done by Elisha. The double-portion means to be foremost. To be foremost in the things of God demands a walk of faith.

The walk of faith demands a high level of focus. Elijah told Elisha, if you see me go then you will get it. We need to ask: How strongly are you seeing Jesus with the eyes of faith?

Paul prayed that the eyes of our understanding needs to be enlightened so that we will know/experience.

What you see is based on the tenacity of your walk. You will not see the chariots of fire and the horses of fire come take Elijah if you did not walk by faith into it.

You need to press through the works of the flesh, press through the criticism, press through the mockers, press through contradictions, press through the naysayers and not give up, to connect with somethings greater than you.

It takes a walk of faith to do that.

An example of a walk of faith is the woman who had the issue of blood and had to press through the crowd to reach Jesus. She heard but that was not enough, she confessed but that was not enough, she needed to press through the crowd in a walk of faith to lay hold of something beyond her.

It is time to leave the crowd behind, it is time to leave the naysayers behind, those who tell you why it cannot be done, the small-minded, the fearful.

That woman pressed on (drained and weak, she pressed on, blinded to her pain, she pressed one) and Paul also said he presses on to the  prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

That is what the walk of faith is about. It is not about taking it easy, it is about the violent takes it by force.

That woman had to press on beyond the disappointments, the betrayals. Some people have fallen along the way side because of those things.

She had to wade through the fake promises, the stab in the back, the lies told against her, the abandonment she experienced.

She pressed on in a walk of faith, so should you. Even if you are bloodied and pained, you need to press on, lied to and lied against, you have to press on. The bible says: here we have no abiding city, but we look for one which comes from above. Don’t settle by the wayside. So we press on.

She pressed on and she got it. It is a walk of faith. She was going to get it or she was going to get it. It was either of the two, so she got it. There was no other option.  That is the same level of determination you must approach the walk of faith.

People who have other options will choose them.

The Joshua generation (who entered the promised land) had no other option but to press on to take the land, regardless of what they feared or did not fear.

There was no other option. They had to step into the water when God said they should or step into the water when God said they should. (That is not a typo)

The kingdom  of heaven, Jesus said. suffers violence and the violent take it by force. We take territories by force. No negotiations.

Jesus said that for anyone to be his disciple, he has to carry his cross and follow him. You are not supposed to carry the cross of another. People want to put burdens upon you, reject them. It is your own cross and you are supposed to follow Christ. It is your own identification with him to follow him.

To follow Jesus in the walk of faith means you mind your own business.

Peter asked Jesus about John, and he answered: what is that to you, you follow me.

You need all your time, energy, focus on your own walk of faith, you cannot afford to be distracted by anything or anyone.

Jesus asked someone to follow him and he said that he wanted to go and bury his father first. Jesus said, let the dead bury their dead, but he should follow him.

We can learn that family attachment can pull us back from following God. But Jesus said that he has not come to bring peace on the earth but a sword because the father will become at odds with the son.

You need a razor sharp focus in following Jesus in the walk of faith. What is happening around you cannot be allowed to distract from the word of God, which you should line yourself with, in the walk of faith.



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