Do not work for money 

You don’t really understand the message of the kingdom if you don’t understand how to think about mammon. 

Jesus said do not work for resources that perishes but for eternal rewards. 

His words: “Do not labor for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. For on him God the Father has set his seal.”

If you are a zealous foot soldier of Mammon, please you can stop reading at this point. Thank you. 

Alright, for others, let’s go on. You need to look at those words of Jesus very well and make a personal decision about it: was he joking or was he serious?

I personally subscribe to the latter. So let’s ask another question, why do most people work?  They will say for money. And when they get the pay, it is for things that can decay, that can disappear. 

So Jesus said one thing and we are all doing another thing. 

But I ask again was Jesus joking? 

He said: DO NOT labor for the food that perishes. 

Alright. I know you will quote scriptures to me about the importance of work. But who said anything about work not being important. 

The point here is the motivation for work. Remember Jesus was a carpenter, Paul did some tent making. 

So let’s get into that. 

Seven reasons to work

1. Self development 

2. Platform for spiritual impact (not the religious rubbish in which you want to force people into an appearance grid.)

3. Training in team work 

4. Service to others (society) (though that attracts cash) 

5. Discipline training 

6. Increase your capacity to love as you will have to interact, engage with people different from you on an ongoing basis 

7. To express your gifts and calling and passion 

A little note on number 4

We will give account for everything we do in the body for the purpose of reward. 

So God will reward the fire fighter for fire fighting because in doing it for others, he did it for Jesus. (let that blow your mind away and reorient you about work.)

I am a journalist and at the end of time, Jesus will reward me for my service and skill that I deploy. 

Some people think that they will only be rewarded for the spiritual things or for what they do in church. But how many hours do we spend in church? But the Bible says we will give account for everything we do in the flesh. (Everything is important). And we work for a lot of hours a week. We therefore need to get a kingdom understanding of work. 

A little note on 7

If you are an entrepreneur, it is because God has put that in you. And you are fulfilled that your ideas are creating wealth for yourself and for others, solving the job problem of the society. And if you are a first class entrepreneur, you get to change the world of business. In partnership with God you are doing great things. And you may not even know God. 


Understand that God could have sent you money in the bag in your room everyday to take care of your needs. He did it in the wilderness. So you work for the above reasons. 

Does that mean you should not collect the money when paid for the work or we should not move up the financial ladder when the opportunity presents itself? Or we should not aggressively seek for financial increase or get financial education? Far from it. 

But with the above reasons for working we will not be labouring for food that perishes, but will approach work with a different mindset. The money will just be incidental and will not define our identity. 

Remember that for Adam, God gave work and it was not because he would starve otherwise. You can start work just for the money but along the line understand the ultimate vision of God for you to work. 

For example: the one who works just for money will not do something extra at the place of work.

Let’s have a kingdom orientation for work.  

Somebody can add that we work to be able to give. But God could give you the money to give. Ask the children of Israel, who in the wilderness gave for the tabernacle construction. They were divinely ‘dashed’ the things they give shortly before then in Egypt. 

Somebody might say that Paul said he provided for his needs by working with his own hands. 

But we know that he could have gotten what he needed through other means, and he only did that because he was careful not to put a stumbling block on his impact on the lives of the people, if he had demanded money from them. 

So his ultimate reason was not just for the money. 



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