Of junk and fake grace (10)

Where you find it easy is the place where you have contacted the grace of God and the opposite is also true. The grace of God is not an idea an event it is an endowment. An endowment makes the difference between crawling and flying, the difference between the beggar and the rich.

These flock of people running after prophets to tell them the will of God are clueless grace-wise. The grace of God is in our relationship with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of grace, it is the demonstration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The grace of God is seen in the life of those who are Christians who are comfortably rich, the happily married, the stressless birth, holy living in the midst of a perverse generation. Connect with the grace of God.

Don’t be scared of the grace of God whether through your over concentration on dos and don’t from your religious background or the grace abusers touting a fake grace. Know the grace of God in truth. It will make all the difference. It an heavenly endowment.


How praying all-night changed my life

By Ruthanne Smith (her comment on an article on my blog, dailymedit.com)
(the original article is here: https://dailymedit.com/2013/04/30/how-to-pray-all-night-all-by-yourself/)

I came across this article because I was looking to find someone else who had found the power of praying in tongues all night. And I can attest to the power. About 7 years ago, while unemployed and single, I had the opportunity to pray for hours during the day. I would take long drives on the back roads near my town and drive very slow, praying in tongues for most of it. I did this for 3 months strait after looking for a job in the mornings. Most days I prayed for around 6 hours, but some were 4 hours and others 8. During that time, all parts of my life was transformed. I had the clearest thinking I have ever had. I got the best job I had ever had, making 3x what I had ever made. I had a joy and peace that was truly supernatural. Nothing bothered me, nothing annoyed me. I was able, without even trying, to never gossip or worry or judge people. One night, I went out with my girlfriends from grade school. They were all drinking and I was the designated driver. But, I had so much fun! I actually felt buzzed the entire night. And when I got in the car to drive, I was alert and clear, yet still happy and playful as if I had drank along with them. I know it sounds unreal, but I am telling you the truth. It was truly amazing. Also, my body just started working as it should. I had suffered pms, acne and migraines on a weekly basis since adolescence. I also always carried an extra 15-20lbs. I lost all the weight and my body toned up without ANY exercise or diet. I was totally Hot! (In a good way) In fact, my diet was worse than normal, because I was on a limited income. I also had absolutely no pms with perfect 28 day cycles, my acne cleared up and my migraines completely vanished. Toward the end of the three months of doing this, I also met my husband. We were married within 9 months. When I got my amazing job, however, I no longer had a bunch of free time to spend praying, so I stopped doing it. I did not notice the affects of not praying (or praying much less) for over a year. By that time I was married, and had a new baby. I quickly realized the source of my joy and fulfilled life was that intense time of prayer. So I began trying to fit prayer time into my schedule, but it just wasn’t working. I would only have a few minutes before the demands of my life pulled me away. I actually came to resent my husband and child, even though I know that they are wonderful gifts from the lord, that were birthed out of those hours of time in his presence. After nearly six years of asking God for the time to pray, he gave me the idea to pray at night, instead of sleeping. My first thought was, “duh, why didn’t I think of that?” But, the truth was, he gave me the idea years before and I disregarded it. (I was a sleep deprived newlywed and new mother who trusted in sleep more than God). But, this time, I had grown in my faith. I knew, from the miracle changes I had experienced before, that losing sleep would not affect me. Why? Because in HIM we live and move and have our being. Because HE is life! Because He is our strength. Because He lifts us up. Because He exalts us. He is the creator of ALL things. That would include the restoration of my brain and body. I decided to trust him with those things. I had faith that being in his presence during the night hours would be more restorative to my physical body than natural sleep. And you know what! It absolutely has been. I spent 2-3 hours in prayer, per night the first week and that quickly has grown to all nighters. I stay alert by driving. I drive those same back roads, which are empty, besides some wildlife, and drive 26 miles per hour on cruise control (that’s the lowest my car will drive on cc). I am only starting my third week and I don’t do all nighters every night, yet. I trust it to grow into that, though. But I am already watching my life transform, again. The first thing I noticed was the melting away of worry and fear, as well as no longer resenting my daughter or husband. I am confident that in a very short time, I will see miracles as amazing as those I experienced 7 years ago. It’s exciting and fun and I crave my fellowship with him! Oh, yeah. And I feel FAR MORE rested after the nights I spend MORE time with him. My all nighters are more restorative than my 2 or 3 or 4 hour nights. I truly believe that a person could grow to a place where they did not have to sleep, which is something I am seeking. Jesus said, “if we would lose our life for his sake, we would find it.” I believe that is what is happening. I am losing my “source of life”, my sleep and I am finding it, IN HIM!

Unveiling Prayer From 2Samuel, Psalms and Proverbs

by Kayode Crown, Greatlight books

Digital List Price: $2.99

ISBN: 9781524294939

here: https://draft2digital.com/book/158345 or amazon.com

Unveiling Prayer From Exodus, Deuteronomy, Joshua and 1Samuel

by Kayode Crown, Greatlight books

Digital List Price: $2.99

ISBN: 9781524257835

here: https://draft2digital.com/book/158346 or amazon.com

Unveiling Prayer From Genesis

by Kayode Crown, Greatlight books

Digital List Price: $2.99

ISBN: 9781524258795

here: https://draft2digital.com/book/158353 or amazon.com

Unveiling Prayer From Exodus, Deuteronomy, Joshua and 1Samuel

by Kayode Crown, Greatlight booksDigital List Price: $2.99


ISBN: 9781524257835

This is part of a series of books in which particular verses are picked from books of the bible, and the issues of Prayer are explored, in the light of the mind of God for us.
In this book, we explore six topics, from different verses in the books of Exodus, Deuteronomy, Joshua and 1Samuel. They are: The Lord changed his mind; Only a call away; Demanding for your right; Praying to the Lord; What prayer does; and The wall of prayer.

The Lord changed his mind
“In all these, we see that prayer is the key in the art of persuading God. It is not that God set out to be difficult, waiting to be persuaded all the time. But realise that in the Garden of Eden the impression we get is that in the relationship between God and man, God was the one taking the initiate (Genesis 3:8-11). However, once man abused that privileged by sin, God changed his tactics and to a large extent now, man would have to take the initiative in the relating with God, (Genesis 4:26), and that relationship forms the basis of any kind of persuasion for God to change his mind, and the basic qualification for the intercessor.”
Only a call away
“David asked for direction and he got it. What will happen if he did not ask as he faced the different enemies in his life, it means he would have groped in darkness, not knowing what to do, and many things would have gone wrong for him.”
Demanding for your right
“The children of Levi needed to know what was promised, to demand for it. Therefore what you know is very important. That should spur you on to demand for your rights in the place of prayer. Heaven is waiting; the Judge is waiting to hear your case.”
Praying to the Lord
“God was compared with that judge, because he is the ultimate judge of the heaven and the earth but he is different because He is willing to make decisions that will favour us. We however show our faith in God, as we are in the process of seeking him to help us, when we have our leg permanently on the throttle of prayer, knowing that we have no other option but to pray, just as that widow had no other option but to approach the judge for a favourable decision.
In another place Jesus said that when we pray the God who sees in secret will reward us openly. If you want God’s open reward, you have to pray (Matthew 6:6).”
What prayer does
“It is in the place of prayer we receive the grace to impart our world, receive help to be able to help others, to be the best we can be, to be changed into the very image of God.”
The wall of prayer
“In another place, Paul asked for prayer, he said people should pray for him so that he will be able to proclaim the gospel as he should (Ephesians 6:18-20). That means without the wall of prayer, Paul’s ministry will be severely affected by negative circumstances and other things, making it virtually impossible for him to do the will of God and fulfill his calling.”


Acts 4:32: Now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things that belonged to him was his own, but they had everything in common. (ESV)

The reality described above of the first-century church was about the generosity of hearts.

When it comes to giving, there are three things we can give relating to the three parts of man: body, soul and spirit (1Thessalonians 5:23).

For the body, there is the need to share physical things, like shelter, food, water, clothing. John addressed this issue when he said that we should not see someone in need and say that they should go, without meeting their need, when we can do so, saying that shows the love of God is not in us (1John 3:16-18)

There are the needs of the soul, which Jesus party addressed when he said that he favours those who visit the imprisoned (Matthew 25:32-46).

James said that pure religion is to visit orphans and widows (James 1:27). The bible says: rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep, which is about identifying with people in their different situations (Romans 12:15).

Then there is a giving from the spirit, which is about the release of the spiritual gifts in all forms to minister, to serve another person.

Paul said that as we have received different gifts, we should minister the same (Romans 12:3-7). Peter said that those who speak should do so as the oracle of God while those who serve, should do so with the ability that God gives (1Peter 4:10-11).